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Month: June 2017

The Obesity Time Bomb

The Obesity Time Bomb

With the nation getting ever fatter and the burden this will have on our health and economy, the government and health care professionals alike are urging us to lose weight and become more active. But there are so many different diet books and weight loss programs on the market and so much conflicting information in the press that it can sometimes be quite confusing about what to do. Then there are only selfie posting personal trainers and fitness competitors on Facebook posting completely unrealistic things to do to lose weight and get in shape, such as eat chicken and broccoli eight times a day and train twice a day. 99% of us simply can’t do that.

From an evolution perspective humans are designed to be lean, muscular and highly active. Just look at animals in their natural environment where there is no human interaction – you very rarely see overweight animals (apart from those that store fat before hibernation) and you never see obese animals. At a time where our economic future looks bleak we need to realize that it is no longer acceptable to let ourselves become overweight or obese.

Nor is it acceptable to put the responsibility of our health care on to others such as the government and the National Health Service (NHS). We need to take responsibility for the decisions we make in our lives including the decisions that affect our health. Of course there are genetic and environmental factors that contribute to our body shape and our health – but no one gets obese just from having “bad” genes. People only get overweight or obese from what they choose to eat on a daily basis and from lack of exercise.

You can take a big step towards improving your health, wellness and body shape by joining our fitness class or reviewing turbulence training workouts in your own time; however exercise alone will not get you the results you desire. You have to combine exercise with healthy eating.

Just as you need to train hard (intensity) and you need to do it often (consistency) – you also need to eat well and do it consistently. But, it doesn’t need to be chicken and broccoli eight times a day. You just need to implement a few healthy options, such as get your five a day, eat a healthy amount of protein, and cut out all the starchy and junk carbs. This little bit of advice will go a long way.