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A Great Sports Camp for Kids

A Great Sports Camp for Kids

How about a great sports camp that your kids will LOVE! It’s great fun that builds your child’s sportsmanship, athletic skills, and confidence under the enthusiastic guidance of vetted, experienced, and dedicated professionals.

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With a staff/child ratio of only 1:8 and a flexible curriculum designed to meet your child’s specific needs, interests, and abilities, everyone is guaranteed to win. Camp offers a camp t-shirt, a cook-out and prizes on Games/Awards Day, an Art Program, day trips, extended camp hours and much more.

What is the purpose of sports and in particular youth sports?

First some data about organized sports. According to the NCAA, only a small percentage of students will participate in organized sports; the highest rate, 30-40%, being in elementary school. In middle school, the figure is around 15-20% and by high school, participation drops to 10%, with only 4% playing at the varsity level. Only ¼ of 1% of all students play an organized sport in college. In other words, on a nationwide basis, many kids do not play on a competitive sports team.

We know sports offer much more than organized competition. Exercise is a key ingredient in overall health, no matter what age you are. Sports and team participation are not only excellent ways for kids to get that physical activity they need, it also gives them a chance to develop important skills that they will use throughout their lives. Our philosophy is to use athletics as a vehicle to promote a healthy, well-adjusted lifestyle. We achieve this by taking the focus away from competition/winning, and create a non-competitive environment where sports are for fun, fitness, recreation, stress release and become an important tool for learning to work and get along with others.

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We have amazing staff

We take particular pride in the quality of our amazing staff. Our excellent reputation is, to a large extent, based on the high caliber of camp instructors. Nearly 50% of our staff of 50 counselors employed last summer were composed of teaching professionals averaging 9 years of experience. We have fully vetted and checked out every one of our staff, from the counselors to the volunteers that help out. By using the best public criminal records lookup available, we did a background check on each person so that our campers and parents have nothing to worry about.

The average age of our staff members was 32. The rest of our staff consisted of high school and college students, many of whom were former campers themselves! That the majority of our staff are camp veterans, either as campers, instructors or both, means they are committed to our philosophy of fun and fitness through individual advancement.

Our incredible staff will direct your child’s energy and enthusiasm through a multifaceted sports program, allowing him/her to develop athletic skills based on individual interests, talent and level of ability. Developing athletic skills means taking risks and making mistakes. By taking the emphasis away from winning we aim to create an environment that affords kids the opportunity to try new things and feel okay about making some mistakes. By trying new things they can discover which sport or activity they like the best and excel in. Once a child has identified a sport they love, they will work intensely to improve because it no longer seems like a chore – it’s fun!

This is especially true of those campers who are currently involved in or plan to become involved in competitive, organized sports. Commitment to their sport of choice is critical to skill development. Through basic instruction in a variety of sports followed by scrimmages and team activities each child can advance at their own pace, developing their confidence and skill level while enjoying the positive aspects of sports such as fun, camaraderie, and fitness.