Workout Difficulty vs. Workout Effectiveness

Workout Difficulty vs. Workout Effectiveness

How difficult a workout is to complete is not directly proportional to how effective the workout was.

Working to exhaustion and waking up the next morning sore doesn’t necessarily mean what you accomplished at the gym was worth it. Fatigue or exhaustion is always a way people evaluate how effective their workout was. This is not the best way to know how productive you or your strength coach was.

Now if you are a fighter conditioning for an intense 5 round fight, when you finish your workout, you should be holding your shorts, looking for oxygen, and thanking God there is no more to do. However, if you are performing a dynamic lower body workout, you probably won’t even flirt with being completely out of energy. Actually, it is kind of the opposite. If the program is effective and well designed, it will fire your neuromuscular system and actually can make you feel better as you go through your workout.

We often joke at the gym during difficult workouts when we see athletes puking. This is usually followed by someone asking me why I didn’t give all the clients a workout hard enough to make them puke. I promise everyone reading this article, making you puke while you are at the gym wouldn’t even rank in my top 50 most difficult things to accomplish list.

What I am there to do is get you stronger, faster, more flexible, and in better shape. That is the hard part. (Probably should note here that throwing-up puts your body in a catabolic state, so it is actually one of things you want to avoid more than anything while you workout.)

Ok, let’s briefly talk about being sore. There is no connection about being sore to strength gains, mass gains, or anything of that nature. Now you will be sore from a workout from time to time, especially if you have recently taken time off. But think of soreness as an unfortunate side effect of good hard training, and not as a goal of every workout. A leg compression machine for athletes will help eliminate some of that soreness when the legs have had a hard workout.

Any coach can make you tired and exhausted. It takes a good coach to get you faster, stronger, leaner, more flexible, and more athletic.

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